Goldman Quaranteam RV trip takes off

Big E- our Entegra Quest 25′ class C motor home- lifted off at 6am in the dark. Kids slept around the table, Gray in shotgun and Sofia on the bed. Woke everyone up at 8am for breakfast before school. Blueberry muffins and Diesel fill up- bc we had to make the stop. Set up the table, put away all the blankets, set up all the laptops and kids started logging into class. Of course reception was shotty at this part of the trip. Ciela has to get on via cell phone. But gray was fine using hotspot from his cell on laptop. Mica and Franco logged in via remaining cell phones but not ideal.

 Will need to figure this out better. Have so many back up plans but they all failed except for direct cell phone use to log in.

So of course- during school my cell was occupied. Could not listen to radio bc kids in session and cell phone was being used- so no audio books for me. Drove five straight hours with no radio/cell phone/book on tape. 😳

A little laptop nausea overcome by Zofran which was approved by Dr H. Once school was over the kids sprawled around the dinette to watch Addams family. Packed lunch was devoured. Pit stops to gas up and pee. 618 miles down. Pa- reception shotty throughout. Ohio was great reception. And arrived in Grosse Pointe twelve hours after liftoff. Able to drive 75 mph easily and safely- delay was school related. Tata welcomed us with pizza party.

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