Day 5- Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota and landed in South Dakota

5am wake- loaded food into RV fridge and freezer, changed the ice in the yeti- loaded it with food as well. Drove it from CC warehouse where it had been parked last few days and woke the kids… had a perfect spot directly in front of McGoldmans house. All lights are green. 6am-Kids belted up- gray in shot gun, kids around the dinette and Sofia on the bed.

BigE navigating city streets with ease.

Many, many, many corn fields. And many more wind turbines- with plenty of bursts of wind to throw Big E around. 3:30pm arrival to Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Population 180,000. There were sculptures EVERYWHERE.

Dinner at

And more strolling through city streets. Very few people walking around. But plenty to see-

They really enjoyed lifting a car-

Landed in Dakota Sunset RV park around 6pm. The most amazing sunset (no filter.)

Frisbee time for the boys, followed by Pats game. Luckily on local tv. Our satellite got great signal.

624 miles- three gas stops (two of them done for comfort more than needing gas.) Getting about 13mpg and added DEF for first time today- 4 gallons fills it.

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