Day 6- continued

After driving on route 90 for days- we finally pulled off at route 240. In a matter of minutes we entered Badlands National Park and immediately noticed a huge change in the land around us. A giant hole in the ground emerged- and it was so striking the kids could not stop squealing.

We felt like we were on a different planet. The air incredibly dry and the sun shining so brightly it was difficult to not squint.

A few minutes into the park and we came upon some short hikes- easy for the kids and fun exploring and touching the rock.

“Door” hike had incredible views and allowed the kids to run free. They of course were scared of rattle snakes but happy to stumble upon rabbits with larger ears than we have back home-

After our adventure, we pulled into the Badlands White River Koa.

248 miles- hard to know how long it took because we pulled over so often for photos and the bikes.

Franco has been my right hand man with hooking up RV. But all the kids know how to and helped me make a video showing the steps. We will upload when have better WiFi.

Lentil Burritos were quickly made and devoured.

The boys made a fire and we enjoyed the warmth before hitting the hay.

Overall- we have had zero down time. School takes up the bulk of our morning and then we load up and drive to next destination.

They do some work on the road- catching up on anything they didn’t finish from the morning. But for the most part, the morning hours the most important for school and thus WiFi.

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