Day 6- our first night sleeping in BigE

We slept beautifully- had windows open and temp dropped to perfect sleeping weather. Sofia and C on the queen bed, mica and Franco on the dinette space and G and I on the top space. G and I looked for shooting stars (through the awesome roof window) for a while before falling asleep.

Woke at 7am our time so that I had time to make my French press coffee and Ciela up for her 8:20 (eastern standard time) class.

“Just” plant based eggs and cheese bagels for breakfast. Girls preferred blueberry muffins.

Class happened without a hitch- WiFi strong. Frisbee break between classes.

Three hour forty minute drive- 249 miles of flat flat land…

It truly is so remarkably flat across the middle of our country.

Sunflower fields made us happy because something new.

You cannot imagine the size of these windmills. Hard to tell from pics but they are everywhere along Route 90.

We drove past a truck pulling one of the turbines. I wish I had taken a photo- it was so long it was insane.

The flatlands are so expansive that when we finally crossed a river, the kids lost their minds. Something new to look at. They were so ecstatic it was comical.

The joy of the lands starting to rise up into hills-

We finally get off route 90 on to 240. We made the obligatory stop at-

and fed the prairie dogs. Funny because we hate the ground hogs at our home but these guys seemed adorable to us, although they look like smaller version of a ground hog.

The funny noise they make as they arch their backs is hilarious-

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