Day 9- Skoglund’s Bison Farm

Easy hour drive into Bozeman. Checked into Element Hotel after getting rental minivan at the airport. Then drove to visit the Skoglund’s.

45 minutes north of Bozeman – the North Bridger Bison farm in Wilsall, MT. The drive was spectacular and easy- one road in. Zero reception the entire drive. The farm is surrounded by mountains and fields of sage. We were overcome but the incredible smell. No poop smell- just sage. Matt gave us a tour and we hitched a ride on the back of his pickup that he uses to harvest his bison. It was not that cold in Bozeman but the wind in the mountains made it frigid. Matt was comfortable in a tshirt while we listened to him talk while under a bison blanket pelt.

He entertained us for hours, teaching us about the animals and his amazing stories of bison farming surrounded by generations of cattle farmers.

We had bison burgers for dinner- and even the plant based me enjoyed it. It was delicious! The kids loved hanging with Otto and Greta. They were playing hide and seek and exploring the land. Ciela went to cut sage to bring home. I asked Matt to send me a pic of what he looks like after harvesting because he doesn’t use gloves- impressed he is as clean as he looks. Check out his hands!!

Glorious afternoon on the farm- we will be back.

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