Day 9- challenges of virtual schooling on the road

I called rv parks ahead of time to ask about their WiFi. The Big Timber KOA boasted excellent WiFi because they recently upgraded to fiber optic service. I had prepped the kids that this would be our easiest connection.

We also prepped by consulting with tech guy (as well as several hours at verizon stores prior to leaving) to ask what was the best way to work while on the road. He assured me that the $500++ devices used to boost wifi signal at campgrounds were bogus- that they didn’t work. Hard to believe since there are so many out there but no way to really confirm whether they do work or not. He had recommended getting cellular data on our existing ipads and using them if wifi out. In addition, we downloaded FETCH which is an app that use to tether your cell phone to your laptop with power cord, thus using your cell phones unlimited data without using a hotspot. We all have unlimited data on cell phones and ipads but if using the HotSpots from these devices, we would slow down at 15gb of usage.  In other words, we can use apps on our cell phones and ipads indefinitely because we have unlimited data, but once we use them as hotspots- that cell data is capped at 15gb per month… which we would blow through in only a few days with all the virtual learning.

Sure enough, the wifi at Big Timber was the absolute worst because the entire system was down in that area. Just by chance… Thankfully though, we had excellent cellular data (rare in this area) so they were able to work from the RV. 6am means darkness, so everyone in the RV worked from inside during first hours of school.

The challenge of RV living is that there just isn’t enough space. Every morning, the school bins come down from storage and the sleeping bags and pillows go up on top of the cockpit seats/bunk area. After school, the bins get put back in storage and sleeping stuff comes down when we go to bed.

Bags get moved around from one part of the RV to the other. When the slide is out we have so much more room. But when it is in, we have to constantly reorganize where everything is put. Nonetheless, we still eat healthy. Fruit oat milk smoothies for breakfast!

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