Day 10- hanging in Bozeman

The kids did their virtual school thing with ease because WiFi so strong.

I caught up on planning. It has been a challenge for me not to have every second planned out ahead of time. But it has been difficult to know how long we stay in each spot and even harder to be sure school effective for the kids. But I was able to schedule a few more nights of RV places… and then we walked to town. Our hotel, The Element, in perfect location, walking distance to everything.

Jam for lunch was outstanding. Worth the wait in line. The kids loved deciphering the mural behind them.

The toy store was a huge hit. The kids loved spending Tia Dani’s trip cash- because I was not allowed to have any say on what they purchased since it was THEIR cash.

Surprise, surprise- who did we run into while walking down Main Street but the Skoglund’s coming back from a soccer game- We walked around aimlessly looking for a dinner spot but because it was a Saturday night, there was a crazy wait everywhere. We ended up here and had subpar bar food- mom fail.

Walked past some kids jamming out on the street on the way home- too cool. Mom enjoyed a Bozeman (Manhattan / Old Fashioned) at the hotel before bed.

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