Day 6- continued

After driving on route 90 for days- we finally pulled off at route 240. In a matter of minutes we entered Badlands National Park and immediately noticed a huge change in the land around us. A giant hole in the ground emerged- and it was so striking the kids could not stop squealing.

We felt like we were on a different planet. The air incredibly dry and the sun shining so brightly it was difficult to not squint.

A few minutes into the park and we came upon some short hikes- easy for the kids and fun exploring and touching the rock.

“Door” hike had incredible views and allowed the kids to run free. They of course were scared of rattle snakes but happy to stumble upon rabbits with larger ears than we have back home-

After our adventure, we pulled into the Badlands White River Koa.

248 miles- hard to know how long it took because we pulled over so often for photos and the bikes.

Franco has been my right hand man with hooking up RV. But all the kids know how to and helped me make a video showing the steps. We will upload when have better WiFi.

Lentil Burritos were quickly made and devoured.

The boys made a fire and we enjoyed the warmth before hitting the hay.

Overall- we have had zero down time. School takes up the bulk of our morning and then we load up and drive to next destination.

They do some work on the road- catching up on anything they didn’t finish from the morning. But for the most part, the morning hours the most important for school and thus WiFi.

Day 6- our first night sleeping in BigE

We slept beautifully- had windows open and temp dropped to perfect sleeping weather. Sofia and C on the queen bed, mica and Franco on the dinette space and G and I on the top space. G and I looked for shooting stars (through the awesome roof window) for a while before falling asleep.

Woke at 7am our time so that I had time to make my French press coffee and Ciela up for her 8:20 (eastern standard time) class.

“Just” plant based eggs and cheese bagels for breakfast. Girls preferred blueberry muffins.

Class happened without a hitch- WiFi strong. Frisbee break between classes.

Three hour forty minute drive- 249 miles of flat flat land…

It truly is so remarkably flat across the middle of our country.

Sunflower fields made us happy because something new.

You cannot imagine the size of these windmills. Hard to tell from pics but they are everywhere along Route 90.

We drove past a truck pulling one of the turbines. I wish I had taken a photo- it was so long it was insane.

The flatlands are so expansive that when we finally crossed a river, the kids lost their minds. Something new to look at. They were so ecstatic it was comical.

The joy of the lands starting to rise up into hills-

We finally get off route 90 on to 240. We made the obligatory stop at-

and fed the prairie dogs. Funny because we hate the ground hogs at our home but these guys seemed adorable to us, although they look like smaller version of a ground hog.

The funny noise they make as they arch their backs is hilarious-

Day 5- Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota and landed in South Dakota

5am wake- loaded food into RV fridge and freezer, changed the ice in the yeti- loaded it with food as well. Drove it from CC warehouse where it had been parked last few days and woke the kids… had a perfect spot directly in front of McGoldmans house. All lights are green. 6am-Kids belted up- gray in shot gun, kids around the dinette and Sofia on the bed.

BigE navigating city streets with ease.

Many, many, many corn fields. And many more wind turbines- with plenty of bursts of wind to throw Big E around. 3:30pm arrival to Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Population 180,000. There were sculptures EVERYWHERE.

Dinner at

And more strolling through city streets. Very few people walking around. But plenty to see-

They really enjoyed lifting a car-

Landed in Dakota Sunset RV park around 6pm. The most amazing sunset (no filter.)

Frisbee time for the boys, followed by Pats game. Luckily on local tv. Our satellite got great signal.

624 miles- three gas stops (two of them done for comfort more than needing gas.) Getting about 13mpg and added DEF for first time today- 4 gallons fills it.

Day 4- spent Saturday prepping

Stocked up on instacart Whole Foods and TJ (long Covid line) for our next week living in the RV.

Kids loved just hanging with cousins with no agenda.

Loading BigE. Doing last load of laundry. Charging all devices.

Clowns playing around.

Sad day- RIP RBG.

Family bike rollerblade ride to Cocktail Courier Headquarters to wear the kids out at the soccer fields adjacent. Kiki easily guided us through city streets- city girl.

Shooting lessons w Rog on the roof-

Night ended with a long evening walk with Mere. Streets blocked off for covid outdoor meals. DePaul university fully virtual but kids around.

We are gonna miss the McGoldmans.

Day 3 RV adventure Chicago

The crew was excited to start school in a new environment. McGoldmans (except for Kiki) went to school while we took over different nooks in the house to work.

Super cool that the kids get to go to school in the party van- talk about instant cool factor.

For lunch- Kiki took us to her favorite spot, Jam n Honey. All the while our kids were amazed at city living. Passing the beautiful homes in Lincoln park. And having access to so much so close.

Girls shopping trip to ArtEffect and PaperSource-

And back home for the new Mulan movie and pizza dinner. Belly laughing at videos the girls made-

Will be tough to leave.

Chicago stop

295 miles from GP to Chicago. Ciela summed it up by saying “five hours is nothing! After this, our VT trips will be so easy.”

And it was.

Kids schooled at Tata’s in the morning. Mica was eager to teach Tata how to type properly with both hands. And we were off- hoping to miss city Chicago traffic upon arrival.

Surprising the kids in Chicago was the best-

added Indiana and illinois to our map!

Boys back at it… even gray in goal!

Mere made is a lentil rice dinner that was delish. Feeling loved.

Goldman Quaranteam RV trip takes off

Big E- our Entegra Quest 25′ class C motor home- lifted off at 6am in the dark. Kids slept around the table, Gray in shotgun and Sofia on the bed. Woke everyone up at 8am for breakfast before school. Blueberry muffins and Diesel fill up- bc we had to make the stop. Set up the table, put away all the blankets, set up all the laptops and kids started logging into class. Of course reception was shotty at this part of the trip. Ciela has to get on via cell phone. But gray was fine using hotspot from his cell on laptop. Mica and Franco logged in via remaining cell phones but not ideal.

 Will need to figure this out better. Have so many back up plans but they all failed except for direct cell phone use to log in.

So of course- during school my cell was occupied. Could not listen to radio bc kids in session and cell phone was being used- so no audio books for me. Drove five straight hours with no radio/cell phone/book on tape. 😳

A little laptop nausea overcome by Zofran which was approved by Dr H. Once school was over the kids sprawled around the dinette to watch Addams family. Packed lunch was devoured. Pit stops to gas up and pee. 618 miles down. Pa- reception shotty throughout. Ohio was great reception. And arrived in Grosse Pointe twelve hours after liftoff. Able to drive 75 mph easily and safely- delay was school related. Tata welcomed us with pizza party.