Day 16- Jackson fun

I love this town. Truly the first time in a long time that I can imagine myself living in another town. Jackson’s population 1/3 of Westfield but doesn’t feel small because of the tourists. I love the artsy feel. The creativity in the stores. The quality of the restaurants. The access to incredible hikes and bike trails. The Tetons and Yellowstone so close. And of course the MacGregors are here and just awesome.

We started the day in the library parking lot, in the dark. I pre-heated the car so they didn’t feel the cold. So proud of these crazies for not complaining at the 5:50am wake up.

At 8am we headed to Daryl’s house because her kids already off to school and didn’t feel like imposing as much. The kids were ecstatic to meet Tony- our new favorite breed of dog- Spinone Italiano.

They were happy to give him love while they worked.

Mica psyched to send Rye messages- she took this photo of our RV park and sent to him.

After finishing school at the Mac’s house, they loaned us mountain bikes to go on a ride. Ciela went shopping in town with Sofi because she couldn’t fit on a bike (and had been so excited to walk the town.)

Daryl went on a quick ride before and realized Mica had never been on a bike with hand breaks and gears. She taught her on the fly.

Then we went out towards the elk refuge.

We stopped by the Miller House for lunch and then kept going. Mica needed another pit stop at the top of the hill.

When we got back the kids were home from school. Gus was teaching them how to flip on the trampoline.

Then we went to town and hit a few stores. Made was moms favorite but the kids discovered the toy store at the basement of the Tee store.

We washed up in the RV and enjoyed dinner outside at Cafe Genevieve. It was beautiful outside and the kids loved the watermelon lemonades. Sofia and I preferred our cocktails. Burgers, mushrooms, bison chili, Brussels sprouts and the corn hash were favorites.

We left with full bellies and happy hearts. Love this town.

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