Day 17- Jackson Wyoming

Rise and shine for school I. The library parking lot.

So proud of these guys. No complaints about waking up at 5:50am and trying to school from inside a minivan. When they library opens around 8:30am- the WiFi is so slow it becomes inoperable. Daryl saved us again by letting us school from her kitchen. Then home for lunch.

We met for football on the field in front of Daryl’s Parents home. Alex and Jessica’s kids- Lotte, Nell and Gunnar as well as Daryls kids- Teddy, Finley and Gus. Their friend Q also joined. Moms hung out while the kids played two hand touch (sort of tackle) football. So so so fun!

We explored town some more and went back to the RV for dinner.

The kids begged my to take them to climbing wall park not far from the RV site. They climbed until they couldn’t see anymore.

Back to the RV for movie night- we watched Bridget Jones’ Diary. We cracked up at the absurdity of her character.

Everyone so happy to sleep in Saturday morning.

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