Day 18- Atherton Campgrounds Jackson Hole

Everyone was so happy to sleep in until 8:30am.

We met up with Daryl and the kids and drove to the campground. There is still some smoke obscuring the Tetons… but the Yellow of the aspen trees in full color.

BigE next to the MacPeightals.

This was our first time boondocking- ie not hooking up to anything, water or electric. Thank goodness for Daryl- she helped show me the ropes.

The kids immediately went to the lake and showed our guys how to find the good clay beneath the top layer of sand by the creek. They dried it out by rolling it in their hands, and shaped it in to bowls to dry in the sun.

The kids spent hours clearing the creek as it emptied into the lake.

The Peightals also showed our guys their fort in the brush- and bear skat- notice the berries.

Then Daryl appeared with sandwiches for everyone. I don’t know how she did it. One second she was there and the next she appeared with tons of food.

We hit the law again, this time for swimming. The water was so cold that the kids wore life vests so that they had protection from freezing up once in. Teddy was the first to climb to the top branch of the sunken tree- balancing and then leaping. Gus and Gray followed.

Finely and Ciela tried to see who could let in the frigid spring water longer. Then the girls went in the lake-

Daryl took Tony for a lap.

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