Day 19 Jackson

We woke up with a chill because our heat didn’t work in the RV. We are not sure why. I was able to turn the generator on in the morning, get it going and warm up our rig in the morning. But it was as cold inside as it was outside (freezing) and thank Ryan for our awesome sleeping bags- we slept great and slept in until 8am!

Since it was still cold outside- the fire was turned on and we had breakfast. Daryl whipped up ham and egg burritos.

Franco so happy!

The sun came out and soon the temperature increased to the 70s. More fishing, exploring on the lake and beaver dam. Tony rolled in the dirt.

They perfected the drainage of the creek. Directing the water in three routes.

The girls painted more rocks.

Fisherman poking through the forest in this last photo.

The kids loved every minute of our camping adventure.

On our drive back to Jackson- we noticed the Tetons were obscured by the fire smoke. It felt worse than previous days.

We unpacked at the Virginian RV park and did five loads of laundry. The kids went back to the climbing park-

Football in the RV park.

Watched the Eagles beat the 49ers and went to sleep.

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