Day 21- leaving Jackson, Utah

School was SO easy when doing it from Jack Mac’s. PB banana smoothies for breakfast. While kids schooled, mom packed up the RV and all our gear. Did a quick RV clean and gathered the kids to go.

I was super bummed that we never got to rollerblade the bike route along the Tetons… so we did it after dropping off rental car. (Small hiccup with rental car- the rental agreement had Jackson airport as return spot but when we arrived we learned the Budget was in Jackson- blocks from where we were staying. We went to airport for nothing!)

The kids were SO happy to be on their blades again. We parked and I told them to blade to a tree I saw far in the distance. I couldn’t guess how far it was but I could not see them when they got to it. I loved how safe it felt because the bike route never intersects with anything the entire route. Beautifully paved asphalt with the Tetons as a backdrop. After returning they asked if they could go again… so I let them. After that return, gray begged for one more go… he was the only one to go three times.

Then we hit the road. 276 miles and 5.5 hours to Vernal Utah. The ride was spectacular. Much of the route running along side rolling rivers. I kept hollering for the kids to “look out the window.”

We passed some previous fire sites and were sad to see so much destruction.

A highlight of the drive was coming upon ranchers moving their cattle.

There was a young girl in braids also working-

Our girls caught up on sleep.

More driving…

I am constantly thinking “where is everyone?” as I drive. The entire time, I may have seen a handful of cars. I have never once been in traffic except for about fifteen minutes outside of Chicago. It is surreal. No one is on the roads.

We knew we were close when we hit the dam-

Our first stop in Utah was at Red Fleet State Park. We arrived around 5:30pm and there was only one RV in the entire parking lot and one other car. A couple was kayaking on the water and loaded up to leave in that car as we arrived. I wanted to hike and explore- this park known for dinosaur footprints embedded in the rock. But the kids begged to blare on the open expanse of the parking lot. Again, surreal to be in this massive state park alone.

Ciela finished math homework in the RV and then joined us.

As the sun set, I loaded everyone back in the car to drive before dark. The rocks looked painted and reminded me of Salta, Argentina.

We arrived at the Vernal KOA just as it was closing. Franco helped me hookup. The boys lit a fire while Ciela finished more school work. S’mores as a treat and early to bed.

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