Passing the time while driving

The driving time FLIES if we are listening to an audiobook. Finding one that all will enjoy has been a challenge. But all four kids absolutely loved “Born a Crime” by Trevor Noah. It is exceptional. There are a few adult moments that I skipped over but for the most part, aside from the curse words- it was an amazing book. They learned about Apartheid and his experience growing up as a mixed race boy in South Africa. His very existence was ilegal- his parents could have gone to jail for five years for being together because his mother was black and his father white. We all cracked up at the humor he found in the absurd experiences he had. The audiobook was read by the author and his delivery was exceptional- explaining his success as a comedian/ performer in real life. His stories of his childhood captured all our attention. We would get into a car and they would say “turn on Trevor!”

Once that was done, we moved on to “The Outsiders.” They are hooked but they prefer nonfiction.

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