Day 23- Edwards Colorado

I slept really hard- a fantastic hard sleep. So lucky to be here. The kids were up at normal 6am for school.

After morning session we went on a hike with Rosie and Starr.

Can’t believe she lives here.

Franco has to play right even though a lefty because we didn’t bring our clubs. Molly loaned the boys her boys older clubs. So fun!!

While Smols took my boys golfing (am sure they were impressed by her D1 skillz,) I took Ciela for a chop-

She looks too old.

Another walk with our girls- Admiring the mountain lion/ cougar scratches on the trees in her front yard.

Later the boys went to collect lost golf balls by hole 2- where people miss the green and they fall in the ditch. Grayson discovered a massive coyote den at the very bottom. Molly later told us that the coyotes would lure dogs down to the den and then they would ambush it and kill/ eat them. 😳mica and Evie put on performances for us- the tango and various other dances.

Then the boys pulled out three teeth between the two of them. ?!?

Had to peel them away from Hungry Hippo to go to bed. We went to sleep waaaaaay too late!

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