Day 25- Rocky Mountain National Park

Molly spoiled us with eggs and salsa usage breakfast- the boys keep raving about her cooking.

Tears on both ends when we departed. Never easy to say goodbye.

Three hour drive to Rocky Mountain National Park. We went via the scenic route- was spectacular. When we arrived at the entrance at 2pm we learned that we needed a reservation!!??? The first time it ever happened. We were not allowed in until 5pm.

So we turned around and explored the town of Grand lake nearby- We stumbled upon a wedding about to start. Next we decided to do a hike to Adams Falls which is technically part of the national park. Our favorite part of the hikes is exploring the area slightly off the path- when allowed. This time we explored the river. The water was freezing!

We started challenging each other with balance tricks. Standing bow pose- on a fallen tree that fell over the river. Falling in the water with rocks everywhere would have been a problem 😬

Ciela just a spec on the upper left of this last pic.

Five pm came and we were allowed into the park. It was a 1.5 hour drive through to Estes, CO on the other side. We drove slowly and took in the beauty.

The road was very windy with steep drops on one side.

It grew very windy up top. The higher we went the more barren and cold it got.

We timed it to catch the sunset on the highest peak.

The photos don’t do it justice. We only saw one other RV at the top. It was a very windy two lane road that had massive drops on the one side. With the wind, I took it slow but really couldn’t enjoy the views.

As we made our way out of the park with the sun setting, mindful of wildlife in mating season and running wild- we spotted two elk learning to battle against each other. I think they were just practicing because there were no female around and because minutes before they were grazing next to each other. I wish we had better light because we were close to them but the sun had set and it was too dark to be clear.

We drove into Estes Colorado in darkness. There were tons of people walking the streets. Pulling into our RV park at 8:30pm- we learned we did not have a full hookup because the temperatures got so cold that the pipes could freeze. So I had to fill my fresh water tank in the dark at the entrance and then back into a spot on a hill in the dark.

The wind was so strong that night, our RV swayed even with the levels down.

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