Day 26- Boulder Colorado and crazy drive

We slept in (7:40am for the boys) and did some reading while we waited for the girls to wake. Gray reading about Teddy Roosevelt. Breakfast outside and some tree climbing=

We spied a converted school bus at our RV camp.

It helps to talk to your neighbors in the RV parks. We never do but this morning, I learned that there were elk on the golf course in town. Apparently they had taken over a tee.


Estes is a fun town. Some great old buildings and movie theater. Cool shops.

From there we drove 45 minutes to Boulder, Colorado. The kids absolutely loved Pearl street. There were homeless people everywhere. Activists preaching about all kinds of things, most aggressive about circumcision and how it is sexual abuse of an infant. A man walked in white pants with red paint on his crotch, holding a sign that read “I am a jew and I didn’t want t to be circumcised.” They directed their hollaring at our boys- “ask your mother if she circumcised you and why.”

The kite/toy store was a favorite as to be expected.

Mica read me all the quotes on every banner they sold.

We had steak and veggie burgers for lunch outside-

The kids did not want to leave because they loved the stores and the drama on the streets.

We leave Boulder at 2:30pm and start driving. Got out of town and about 45 minutes later, see this.

I have no idea what it is- looks like fire/smoke/no clue. As we get closer the wind picks up. We proceed to drive for seven four win 60-90mph winds. The RV shaking side to side. Visibility started to drop and we could not see very far. It was surreal. Debris- mostly corn husks- flew across the road. The kids are nauseated for much of it. I had to constantly correct the RV. I was comforted by the fact that other cars were on the road. I kept pulling over at gas stations to ask if it was normal and the response I got was “yep the cold is coming. Kansas winds are tough this time of year. To give perspective- Finally my eta jumps an hour later. I decide to pull over to figure out why. When I do, I see police cars race past and the entrance ramp to the highway we were on was closed.

We looked around and saw a hotel up to road. We were not the only people to emergently stay the night there. The kids were so thankful. Our RV swayed back and forth when parked-

Soon we learned that the reason my eta was extended was route 70 eastbound was closed because of a serious accident due to the winds. We were happy to be not moving and fell asleep early.

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